green blue world

Abundant landscapes for people and nature

Outer landscape

Through our work on the ‘outer landscape’, we make the stuff ‘out there’, beyond our eyes, more sustainable.  You can contact us about:

  • Garden design
  • Edible landscapes, food systems and agriculture
  • Catchment design
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Settlement design (eco-villages and eco-cities)
  • Locality-based sustainable development strategies
  • Organisational sustainable development strategies (businesses, government bodies, etc)
  • Product design

We apply our expertise in a number of approaches, particularly Permaculture Design, Ecosystem Services, and The Natural Step Framework, to be able to work intelligently on making the world ‘out there’, greener, bluer, and abundant.

Papaya - within reach of kitchen window

Papaya and banana – within convenient reach of kitchen window!