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Inner landscape

So what’s this ‘inner landscape’ thing, then?  What you experience inside yourself, and also, what we experience collectively through our culture.  We’ve borrowed from Ken Wilbur’s thinking on ‘integral theory’ to recognise that sustainability projects don’t end with doing stuff in the outside world, choosing what to grow, where, and which technologies to use.  It all comes down to what goes on inside us – our motivations and feelings, so we work on sustainability education, too.

Between us we have masses of experience in sustainability education.  For instance, Tom’s taught on MSc and BSc programmes for Forum for the Future, the University of the West of England and the University of Gloucestershire.  Patrick is a legendary pioneer in teaching sustainable land-use.  The team has trained all sorts of professionals and lay-people in these ideas through our various roles in consultancy and the trades.

As well as educating people in sustainability for the sake of sustaining ecosystems, we do it for the sake of sustaining ourselves, too.  Why not look after ourselves as well as the ecosystems we belong to?

We believe that humans developed in intricate contact with nature and respond positively to non-threatening environments in so many ways.  E. O. Wilson, one of our heroes and author of ‘biophilia’ (i.e. ‘love of life’), talks about the ‘naturalist’s trance’ of being relaxed and alert.

Tom is a trained yoga teacher, and yoga talks of ‘sthira-sukha’, which means much the same as relaxed and alert (only the other way round).

So we can help you feel more relaxed and alert, and foster connections with life: with your life through yoga, and with the lives of everything around you through permaculture.

Contact us about:

  • Sustainability education (e.g. permaculture design courses, ecosystem services, sustainable development)
  • Design of therapeutic landscapes
  • Biophilic design (bringing nature into architecture, planning, etc)
  • Yoga

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    Abundance in inner and outer landscapes go together!