green blue world

Abundant landscapes for people and nature


Green Blue World was initiated by Tom Chambers, the idea being to create a responsive group of sustainability experts with complementary skill-sets who enjoy working together.

Tom’s always worked in the sustainability field.  As a boy, he wanted to grow up to be a national park warden or a cowboy (because of horses and open plains) – doing this work is as close as he’s got (so far)!

Tom has a BSc in Ecology (1st class) and an MSc in environmental management (Distinction), and has worked in a number of sustainability roles including at Forum for the Future  as a Senior Advisor (where he became an expert in The Natural Step Framework), in Vietnam on ecosystem services and poverty alleviation with colleagues at Challenge to Change and SPERI, and at the University of the West of England where he taught (and continues to, as guest lecturer) ecological design and sustainability.

Tom originally undertook his permaculture design course (PDC) with Patrick Whitefield, subsequently adding another PDC and further earthworks training with Geoff Lawton.  Tom has gained practical experience working with various permaculture innovators: Geoff Lawton (Zaytuna Farm), David Holmgren (at Melliodora), Julie Firth (The Dryland Permaculture Institute) and Jeff Nugent (Sustainable Agricultural Research Institute).

Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers