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Sketches for the Almaa, 2014

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In the magical, palace-clad hills of Sintra, The Almaa Sintra Hostel is one of Portugal’s most special places to stay. It’s a creative place, beautifully converting used materials into hand crafted beds, bedding, furniture, sinks – you name it. Owner, Joao Mello, means it when he says they’re an eco-hostel: now they’re restoring a greenhouse in which to propagate local endangered species, and working with Green Blue World on productive and recreational garden spaces.  One area we’re beginning with is next to (and surrounding) the greenhouse; cool and shady it’s more like working in England than Portugal. Almaa staff’s dreams of home-grown tomatoes may be a bit challenged by lack of sun, so we’re putting together some initial options to consider, including: a ‘mirror garden’ from salvaged materials to reflect in maximum sunlight (picture indian mirror mosaics!), or a shade-happy space with climbers festooning the walls (sweet tea vine, hops, hardy kiwi, chocolate vine, caucasian spinach…). We’ll be discussing which to go with!…


Mirror garden, or shady enclave?


Work in progress!


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