green blue world

Abundant landscapes for people and nature

Malvern UK; hillside property (2008, ongoing)

Design and implementation of a permaculture system for house and garden in challenging east-facing, shaded and steeply sloping site starting at 200m altitude.  Exterior work incorporates biodiverse woodland management, pond creation, terrace and micro-terrace food production, swales and brush berms, food forest and herb garden. House-based work incorporates drought proofing, double-glazing, insulation, replacement of coal based heating with a more efficient wood fuel system, rainwater capture, and recommendations for eventual combined solar and wood system to provide central heating, hot water and electricity.


Newly established ‘micro-terraces’ with plantings in this small area including two asian pears, self-fertile hardy kiwi, goji berry, buffalo currants, fuchsia (edible), jostaberry, gooseberry, blackcurrant, goumis, wild and domestic strawberries, various herbs (incl.  mints, thymes, rosemaries, sage), ground covers (incl.  edible hostas, wild garlic, phacelia, comfrey, wild flower mix), dwarf bamboo and tree lupin.


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