green blue world

Abundant landscapes for people and nature


Green Blue World offers sustainable design consultancy to help people and places come alive.

We consult on permaculture design, agro-ecology, ecosystem services, ecological restoration and sustainable development.

And we go further, by addressing both ‘outer landscapes’ – the things around us, our settlements, gardens, farms, ecosystems, product designs, etc; and also our ‘inner landscapes’ – helping people find a more peaceful and satisfying experience in this world.

We are open to projects anywhere in the world – so long as we can get there. In addition to private consultancy work, we also undertake charitable and international development projects provided costs are covered. We’re delighted to discuss possible projects for making this world abundant! Beyond breakdown, beyond sustainable, and into abundance.

We have our roots in Bristol, UK, and in Lisbon, Portugal, but we travel widely and network with collaborators around the globe. If you have a potential project, please get in touch.

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